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9 New Tips for Facebook Video Advertising

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Facebook has released a new set of tips to optimized video across Facebook and Instagram. It teaches you how to get the best responses and results for video campaigns on these platforms.

Video has taken digital consumers and marketers by storm. It brings the highest response rates across all social media platforms. And Facebook videos engage more audiences than other post types.

With Facebook focusing on engagement this year, you should work on the available video options on the platform.

1. Boost Video Consumption on Mobile Devices

About 75 percent of Facebook video views worldwide happen on mobile devices. It highlights the need to consider mobile users when creating videos.

A Facebook IQ survey in 2017 found that 33 percent of people use smartphones to watch videos online. Of those using smartphones, 67 percent watch videos for more than an hour daily.

The trend has been around for a long time. If you are not yet optimizing video for mobile, you are already late to the party. It is better to be late than never though.

2. Deliver Your Brand’s Message Across in the First Few Seconds

Facebook says that viewers are three times more engaged with video ads when the brand and message shows up in the first 10 seconds.

The social network also highlighted this through a 2015 study it commissioned with Nielsen. Videos viewed for less than two seconds generate more than one-third of the recall and purchase intent of a campaign. Also, almost half a video ad’s value is delivered in the first three seconds.

3. Add Captions

Brands must add captions to optimize opportunities in video ads.

Facebook has pushed to turn on sounds for Facebook videos by default. But people still opt to turn off audio while viewing videos, especially when they are on the go, to avoid disturbing other people.

A Facebook study last year showed how captions on video ads increased the view duration by an average of 12 percent.

Facebook says 60 percent of Instagram Stories ads are viewed with sound on. A US meta-analysis showed that Instagram Stories ads with sound on are more relevant than with audio off.

4. Ride the Wave of Vertical Videos

The rapid proliferation of vertical videos in Stories has made it a key consideration to create a Facebook video.

Facebook research shows that vertical videos perform better in ad recall, especially with Instagram Stories now at 400 million daily users.

5. Measure the Right Metrics

Facebook says marketers should consider view duration as a KPI. But it also says that video impact, based on brand and sales goals, must be a top priority.

6. Focus on TV-like Advertising in Facebook Videos

Facebook says people spend less time on traditional TV and more on mobile. The platform provides significant reach and lower cost than TV.

A Nielsen study of 29 platforms show that TV ad spend is 20 times higher than on Facebook. Facebook’s reach is nearly half of campaigns on TV.

Facebook also notes that Facebook video ads complement traditional TV campaigns.

Many people watch TV with their smartphone nearby. And Facebook’s data shows that Facebook usage spikes considerably on ad breaks.

Advertisers must reinforce their TV campaigns with Facebook videos to boost overall performance.

8. Use Facebook Videos to Lure Consumers and Potential Buyers

Facebook says more consumers are using mobile videos when purchasing products or services.

The company’s research shows that 39 percent of video viewers who primarily watch video content on mobile devices found new brands or products through mobile videos. It adds that 79 percent of people prefer to watch videos than read text on a page.

9. Watch Tips from Facebook Video Advertising Experts

Facebook has added video interviews with exerts from its Creative Shop, Measurement and Product teams. Here, experts answer advertisers’ FAQs about mobile video.

When you have spare time, watch the videos to learn specific tips and optimize your Facebook and Instagram video ad campaigns.


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