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7 Tips for Creating Powerful Digital Marketing for the Property Industry

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Did you know that more than 1.4 million Australians are directly employed in the property industry?

Property has now overtaken the healthcare industry to become the country’s largest job creator.

According to recent research conducted by the Property Council of Australia and AEC Group, employment in the property industry grew by almost a quarter between 2013-14 and 2015-16.

With Australia’s largest sector now growing at record pace, the opportunity to capitalise on this growth is substantial.

For those advertising their goods and services to the industry, we’ve developed some tips for how to create powerful campaigns that stand out like cranes on the skyline!

1. Decide who you're talking to and why

From the outset, it’s critical to identify who you are targeting and why you are targeting them.

When developing a campaign, the ol’ WWWWH is a fantastic starting point:

Who? – Boutique property developers

What? – Residential apartment projects

Where? – In Sydney’s eastern suburbs

When? – That have projects that are DA-approved

Why? – We’re a building company that wants build their project!

Whether you’re a builder, consultant, product supplier or anyone else, the principle of developing a user profile or “persona” is similar.

2. Don’t sell, provide real value

A great place to start is by asking what the customer wants to know, rather than deciding on what you want them to know.

This is a delicate distinction that can make all the difference in a campaign.

Providing a resource that solves a problem and doesn’t ask for anything in return might sound counterintuitive, but its very powerful!

3. Earn trust, then ask

By developing content that offers real value, you can quickly earn the right to ask for something as part of the exchange, often their contact information.

For example, you can write a research paper, eBook or How-To Guide that is hosted behind a “subscriber-wall”. In order to access the free content, they will need enter their details.

But would you do it? If you don’t see the value, why would your prospective customer? The content needs to be compelling, credible and valuable.

Here’s an example of a campaign we recently did that we think cuts it!

4. Be bold, not bombastic

There’s a fine line between campaigns that are bold and memorable, and campaigns that are just, well…yuck.

Start with an ambitious spirit but always make sure you give your messaging, designs and content ideas a sanity-check.

5. Invest in the best

We believe that investing in an advertising agency, marketing agency or graphic designer is the best return on your money when it comes to campaigns.

Good agencies will capture everything from your corporate messaging, campaign strategy, creative assets, content planning and execution.

If you’re trying to minimise costs, why not jump on 99Designs or Freelancer to see what the world wide web has to offer.

6. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

This old adage couldn’t be more true in this new age of digital marketing.

The power to track, analyse, report and manage the performance of online marketing is phenomenal. However, the vast majority of campaigns are failing to track performance in valuable way.

For newcomers, here’s a list of 10 Online Marketing Metrics You Need to Be Measuring.

7. Quality over quantity

In an era of unprecedented data and information, the rarest commodity on the internet now is people’s attention.

With no shortage of content or advertising, the key to effective campaigns is quality – design, content, messaging and execution.

Beyond this, there’s the quality of the experience once someone enters the customer funnel. Quite paradoxically, digital marketing has created a world where traditional customer service is even more valued!

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably interested to hear about our special End of Financial Year (EOFY) offer.

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