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Six Tips For Effective PPC Advertising

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Every client is different. While some request incredibly granular search ads, others leave it up to their agency’s discretion. Typically, though, most clients who come to my agency, LSEO, have experienced the same problem in their pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns: utter failure.

Paid advertising is arguably more important to get right than search engine optimization (SEO), as businesses can drain thousands of dollars into advertisements that reach no one and accomplish nothing. Between optimizing your bid propositions and finding the right audience, keeping your ad spend low while increasing your quality score walks a very fine line.

Paid advertising benefits some businesses more than others and is often recommended for new startups and small businesses. Here are six tips to conduct an effective and profitable PPC campaign over Google Search and Display.

1. Enable Conversion Tracking

While AdWords provides a wealth of keyword and click data, it’s important that you set up your own conversion tracker to monitor the effectiveness of your campaign. A conversion tracker is a piece of code that is inserted into your HTML to track specific actions on specific web pages.

By setting up a conversion tracker on thank you or checkout pages, you’ll be able to determine which ads best resonate with your audience and receive the most conversions. This can be used to track subscription or form fill-outs, shares, tap-to-call actions and shopping cart checkouts.

The conversion tracker can even be set up to monitor calls made from ads, made from your landing page or clicked on from the website. By tracking conversions, you can report your return on investment (ROI) to relevant stakeholders and gauge the effectiveness of different ad groups and displays.

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