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Reminder: There Is Only One Legitimate Way To Get Free V-Bucks In 'Fortnite'

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Credit: Epic Games

V-Bucks in Fortnite.

V-Buck scams have long been an unfortunate part of Fortnite Twitter. Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the most popular games in the world, after all, and there are all sorts of people looking to take advantage of the hordes of children, teenagers and adults currently playing the thing. Legitimate Twitter feeds relating to Fortnite have long had giveaway scams for Skins, V-Bucks, accounts and more filling out the comment sections, and most are likely phishing scams designed to get your personal information. A little while ago, Epic had to release a statement warning Twitter users against these scams and the official Twitter feed, at least, has significantly fewer V-Buck offers than it used to.

But the scams are big on YouTube, which has struggled with content moderation regarding everything from conspiracy theories to culturally offensive superstars in recent months. Polygon has a new report about the embattled video hosting giant’s insufficient attempts to deal with V-Buck giveaway videos that multiply faster than automated or human moderators can take them down — and that’s only if they try to do so. A quick search on YouTube for “Free V-Bucks” currently yields 4.4 million results — some are just misleading, others are likely true scams that ask users to provide their email addresses or download an app. A number of videos appear to have remained on the site despite repeatedly being flagged for Fortnite community members, as well. And those are only the ones that appear in search: Polygon also reports a scam involving unlisted videos that avoid moderation by staying out of search function but are nonetheless able to make their way into advertisements.

Credit: Youtube

V-Buck videos on YouTube.

These scams aren’t anything new in the world of free-to-play games, but the colossal scale of Fortnite, as well as its popularity with kids, makes it an even bigger problem this time around.

So it should be noted that there is a legitimate way to get free V-Bucks in game, however not in the game mode you’re most familiar with. Fortnite: Save the World is the PvE counterpart to Battle Royale, and like many games of its type, it contains a plethora of ways to earn free premium currency, from daily quests to story missions and more. If you’re curious about earning V-Bucks that way, Free the V-Bucks is a resource for anyone who has a notion to try out Fortnite’s PvE mode as a way to get some currency to spend in Battle Royale. 

Just take note that this method takes a bit of initial investment. While Save the World is scheduled to go free-to-play sometime this year, it currently remains in a paid early access phase. That means anyone who wants to farm V-Bucks that way will have to cough up $39.99, money which might otherwise just be spent on V-Bucks without having to go through the trouble of grinding it out in a game that you’re not otherwise interested in. I’d only recommend paying that money if you genuinely want to try playing Save the World — treat the free V-Bucks as a side bonus.

So whether you’re on YouTube or Twitter, don’t trust anyone offering you free V-Bucks unless they’re encouraging you to go play Save the World. And never give your account information away for any reason.

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