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Finding your inner “girl of action”: 3 tips from “The Confidence Code for Girls”

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Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, who wrote the bestselling “The Confidence Code” to help empower women, are back with a tween- and teen-friendly “The Confidence Code for Girls,” packed with “stories, quizzes, illustrations and other fun stuff.”

  • Their insight: Girls are naturally confident as kids, then risk losing their “girls of action” mojo because of faulty cues from peers and society.
  • An Instagram campaign for the book, #captureconfidence, invites young women to post their “confident faces.”

Katty (an anchor for “BBC World News America” in Washington) and Claire (an alumnus of ABC, NBC and CNN) also wrote “Womenomics” together. Their newest book has great life advice for all of us:

  • “Find role models — other daring, incredible girls and women you know or have read about. What’s the best part of what they do? Write it down, because going back to it later will inspire you!”
  • “Look out for fakers — all those people who use counterfeit confidence to be mean or put other people down to puff themselves up.”
  • “Shout it out — grab your phone and send a confidence compliment to three people you know. … Research shows that when you hand out that kind of boost, you build your own confidence!”

Go deeper …Read a sample from the book … ABC “Good Morning America” video with Katty and Claire, “How to boost your daughter’s self-confidence.”

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