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Chad Lieber Talks about Lawyer & Law Firm Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks

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(MENAFN Editorial) Online PR News 09-April-2018 Astoria, New York When it comes to marketing on the Internet, lawyers need to become savvier. “There are tips and tricks that they can use to successfully engage people and market their services online,” says Chad Lieber.

Among those tricks is ensuring that the content on your website has proper short tail and long tail keywords, which will help you to rank better on search engines. With better ranking, you can improve your conversion which will lead to more people contacting you about their cases.

The content you create should relay your expertise to the potential client leafing through the pages of your site. The information on your web pages and your blog should communicate your expertise and lead to conversations with people seeking your services. Ultimately, you want conversions: Real people contacting you with real needs in your area of expertise.

You should definitely consider the use of Google Analytics PPT as well as sites like slideshare that allow you to put up power point presentations. This is a great way to share information on what you do, or your processes so that the layman can understand. With an easy to follow, clear presentation, you will be able to communicate effectively leading to conversations.

If your website is to rank well on search engines, you will need to ensure that you have regular, quality content going up from time to time. It is important to ensure that you use target keywords aimed at drawing in the clients within your reach. If your firm is in Little Rock, Arkansas, there is no use targeting people in San Francisco or New York. Aim for local clientele with the keywords you select and make sure that you have excellent quality.

Research has shown that people will look into a lawyer based on referrals from their friends and family first, professional online reviews next and client reviews third. For this reason, it is important that you use testimonials on your website. When people decide to buy something, including the services of a lawyer, they want to know what strangers have said about it. Post entire reviews or snippets of the same on your website. It builds trust.

High value links are important for ranking. Basically, you want to ensure that people can link back to your website to find out more about you. One of the best ways to do this is to be a guest writer in a journal, online magazine, a famous blog and the like. It is important that the links be quality links. In the past, it didnt matter where you linked from, what mattered was the quantity of links. Today, this has changed. It is the quality of the link that matters when it comes to ranking.

Social media marketing cannot be left out of a quality online marketing campaign. You need to ensure that you have active social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the like. The content that you put there should showcase your expertise and remain within the stipulated ethical boundaries.

Chad Lieber & Reputation Management 180:

Chad Lieber has for more than a decade worked as a web developer and online reputation management consultant. He is known as an experienced and knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization consultant and strategist in in-house Reputation Management. He is rated a Top USA SEO Expert.

Chads skills, efforts and resourcefulness are currently focused on Reputation Management as he works for a wide array of independent clients. He has a reputation for delivering consistent top rankings in all the main search engines. He does so using technologies that maximize accessibility and usability of the large websites that he develops and optimizes. He points out the problems and their solutions, which in turn brings cost savings to the company.

Improving and enhancing operational performance and web-based environments are something that Chad is known for. He develops tracking and analysis systems as well as Reputation Management friendly e-commerce applications, which are related to search engine placement and web traffic trends. He is driven by a need to improve on technologically advanced systems and simplify them as well.

Some of the companies that he has worked for either as an employee or a consultant include Lite coin Inc., Baseball.com, Golden Pear Funding, Translations.com, Verizon Wireless, Lawsuitfunder.com Toyota.com, Tgllaw.com, Cellino & Barnes, Edmunds.com, 1800Flowers.com, TurboTax.com, Search & Social Media, Translations.com, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, Golden Pear Funding, Sports Illustrated and PGA/PGA Tour just to mention a few. In the Reputation Management community he participates in various forums and is well respected. Learn more at http://www.reputation180.com/Chad-Lieber/b-1


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