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5 simple tips for living a life less throwaway

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Get to know your own taste

The book aims to empower people to feel good about their own taste and choices so they can stand up to trends and fads. 

Spend time looking just at colours, then at shapes, textures, materials and styling both for your wardrobe and your home. 

Which colours make your eyes pop or your heart feel light? 

What textures do you want to feel next to your skin or feel under your feet? 

What shapes make you look elegant and striking or are more comfortable?

Build up a series of mood boards with your long-term tastes in mind. This then becomes your own personal shopping guide. Put this together with a list of brands that meet your values when it comes to ethics and the environment (click here for a quick guide on how to tell if a brand is really ethical). Then when it’s time to buy a new item, turn to your own lists instead of jumping on what’s on trend right now.

Take stock

Look through your items methodically, gather them all together and then identify what your A-team items are in each pile. These are the items that you would reach for first, then make everything else justify its place in your life.

If an object is not useful, beautiful or meaningful, then it’s a negative object. 

Items that have no purpose are simply clutter, or worse, they’re items that we feel we should like and end up making us feel guilty. Everyone has been given a gift you don’t like and you put it in a drawer. You open the drawer occasionally and each time it makes you feel bad for not liking the gift. Eventually, after a couple of years maybe, you decide it’s ‘done its time’ and you give it away. Instead, I recommend giving it away the moment you get it. Less guilt and clutter for you, same result. 

Some people call this Minimalism but really it’s just being sensible about what space, budget and time you have.

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