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Valentine's Day Marketing Tips

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If you follow us on Twitter, which you should, then you’ve been keeping up with our daily posts outlining Valentine’s Day marketing tips. If you don’t follow us, search #loveIR to see all of our posts and check out our profile:@indretailer. Over the past few weeks we’ve shared quick tips to get you and your store in a loving mood and here we have compiled a list of 12 Valentine’s Day tips from our Twitter posts that are crucial for making the most out of the holiday.

1. Plan Valentine’s Day themed marketing e-mails

Take advantage of the holiday and this direct marketing tactic. Make sure the e-mail is themed and mentions special deals and products you have available in your store for the holiday.

2. Host an after-hours couples event

This is a great holiday to create an event around! Plan something that will bring men and women into your store, such as a wine or chocolate tasting, to celebrate their love.

3. Show your love for charities

Spread love by giving back to your community. Donate a portion of your sales from Valentine’s Day gift items to local charities and make sure to ask shoppers if they want to join and give to the cause as well.

4. Use social media

This one is a no-brainer! Make sure you update your social media to reflect the holiday and have themed posts scheduled for the special day. Don’t forget to promote any special events or deals you’re offering.

5. Have a designated V-Day area with gift guides availableV Day

Make it easy for your shoppers to find presents for their loved ones with a specific and easy to find display. Take it up a notch by putting together simple gift guides outlining the “perfect presents” for certain valentines in your shoppers’ lives.

 6. Offer special Valentine’s Day Deals

Show some love for your customers by offering Valentine’s Day specific deals. Make sure you post about your deals online and include information about them in you marketing e-mail campaigns.

7. Don’t forget about shoppers’ four-legged valentines

Valentine’s day isn’t all about significant others…don’t forget that people love their pets! Add some special pet treats and themed goodies for shoppers to share with their furry companions.

8. Place heart stickers on products to indicate them as V-Day sale items

You can move out old inventory, offer your customers a deal, and celebrate Valentine’s Day, by putting little heart stickers on items you want to sell at a discount. Make sure you let shoppers know as they walk in and post in-store and online to explain the sale.

9. Encourage shoppers to treat themselves

Valentine’s Day is about showing love for not just other people, but yourself! Stock up on products that can double as nice gifts for other people and also for one’s self.

10. Offer gift baskets that can be made in-store

Offering in-store gift baskets allows customers to add a personal touch to a Valentine’s Day classic. Having specific items shoppers can choose from and then wrapping them into nice bundles melts away all the stress of finding the right gift.

11. Offer combo deals and events by partnering with local businesses

Work with fellow businesses to reach more customers. You can partner with a local movie theater or experiential shop to plan an event or work with other stores to compile special discounts and offerings.

12. Decorate your storefront and window displays

Make sure you get in the loving spirit! Decorating for Valentine’s Day is a necessity and whether you want to go all out with a decadently themed store or keep it simple with a few hearts and signs in the window is up to you!



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