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Worlds on Blockchain – The Lix Platform

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The world has fallen into a frenzy over Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. As mutual funds, stock options brokers and banks rush in to bank on the biggest rise to date, the beginnings of Bitcoin are being forgotten.

Nowadays we can read many articles with fancy titles stating that soon much of the world will run on blockchain technology. As if all those articles would be saying something new, including the large TV stations, the public is buying into this “news” and thus increasing the price of Bitcoin, which is further fueling the fancy titled articles.

The original P2P virtual currencies

But many of those who came into Bitcoin before 2017, bought them through an in-game currency called ‘Linden Dollars’. They are used in a game called Second Life, which was created in 2003, and attempted to mimic all facets of real life. The game was popular enough that its players started exchanging real life goods and services for Linden Dollars. And if you note the date of its creation, you will notice it was made many years before Bitcoin.

Of course, Second Life was not the only game to achieve such popularity that its currency would be bought and sold for real life currencies and services. Another example is a MMORPG named RuneScape, which was created in 2001 and its top level items are still sold player to player, even today, for real life services and currencies. So technically Bitcoin was not the first peer to peer currency, it was just the first one to be truly decentralized and to use a blockchain.

As the blockchain evolves, so do the developers’ appetites to integrate it into computer games. In the last 3 years we have seen several attempts to augment games with cryptocurrencies, but so far none have yet found a way to truly use the benefits of a blockchain system.

However, that is about to change as a new company will merge multiple game worlds and tie together their economies, by writing all their assets on the blockchain itself.

The complete gaming blockchain

It has long been a dream of many gamers that they could sell in-game assets of one chain and use the profits to buy in-game assets of another game. It has been a dream of many more – almost every child – to make a living by playing games.

By hard coding the in-game assets of every player onto a custom build blockchain, Lix Platform will enable decentralized peer to peer trading of in-game items, just like cryptocurrency users can trade BTC. Or more correctly, the process will be analogous to the way decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges work. This will also allow players to earn by playing games, as they will be able to sell their in-game acquisitions for Lix coins. They will, of course, be able to sell them for any other cryptocurrency as Lix will be a full fledged cryptocurrency in itself.

By writing items onto the Lix blockchain the Lix platform will also be insusceptible to hacker attacks as the blockchain’s security has so far proven to be unbreakable. This is another novel use of the blockchain, which could prove to be groundbreaking for the gaming industry.

Lix will also have built-in smart contracts. They will not only allow gamers and game owners to create arbitrary agreements, but will also allow gamers to sponsor creation of games they would like to play in the future. This will be done in the form of an organized crowd-funding, initiated by the Lix Platform. The Lix Platform’s team will screen all game ideas for viability to ensure investigator’s funds aren’t spent on dead projects – as we have seen on some recent ICOs.

Lix Platform – a game accelerator

The money acquired with crowd-funding will be spent by the Lix Platform to pay for the game’s development. The Lix Platform will provide as much support to the game initiators as they need to finish the game on time and per specifications, given in the crowd-funding agreement.

Game developers will have all resources they need at their disposal. From experienced developers to graphic designers, testers, and marketers. All will be a part of the Lix Platform’s permanent team.

The Lix accelerator will not only fund and develop the games, but also market them to achieve full market penetration. This is something that even the best indie games have failed to achieve in the past.

Since indie games are becoming increasingly popular with ‘serious gamers’, because games from publishing houses are losing their innovativity, it is expected that Lix will attract a considerable gaming community. Already on the day of official announcement the Lix Platform Telegram channel attracted 1000 followers and has been rapidly growing since then.

Visit Lix.org for more information.

Read the complete whitepaper here.


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