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Matbea.net Wallet: Bringing More Clarity to Bitcoin Users

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While you’re thinking about saving your Bitcoins and spending them wisely without letting anybody cheat you, the team from Great Britain created a service called Matbea.net.

This is the first, absolutely free service which lets you know who owns a particular bitcoin-address. Stop! You may be curious about the anonymity of the cryptocurrency, yes?

Matbea.net argues for the transparency of transactions, keeping the personal information of the holder of the address in secret, but allowing to find out which exchange or company owns a particular address. In case the recipient is a fraudster, Matbea.net will help to find out where the Bitcoins were sent. After that it’ll be possible to involve the police, who will find a way to reveal the identity of the fraudster and catch them.

So it turns out that the Matbea.net protects transactions from criminals who can use Bitcoin for money laundering or purchase and sell guns and drugs. The service protects users from some operations, for which governments often scold the cryptocurrency and plan its banning all over the world.

The database of Matbea.net is constantly growing and now has more than 87,000,000 addresses. There are well-known companies, trading platforms and crypto-exchange exchanges among them. For example, the service stores more than 28,810,000 Coinbase.com addresses, over 3,000,000 addresses of BitPay.com, more than 2,460,000 addresses of AlphaBay Market, more than 630,000 addresses of Localbitcoins.com and more than 530,000 addresses of Bitfinex.com.

Matbea.net is available in five languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. The registration in the service is simple, you just need to enter your email address and create a strong password. Attention! Only registered users can see owners (holders) of bitcoins-addresses.

However, even without registration, Matbea.net offers some useful options. Without registering on the site each user can create a bitcoin-wallet and generate a private key which isn’t stored on the site. Bitcoin-wallet’s users of Matbea.net can try one more function called double spend. It is extremely useful if the transaction has not enough commission to confirm it.

The developers of the service remind everyone that first of all Matbea.net was created to protect the bitcoin users from scammers or to help them to expose such scammers.

The specialists of Matbea.net are always ready to answer any questions. For more information or help simply email: support@matbea.net

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