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10 home security tips to thwart thieves this Christmas

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CHRISTMAS is a high-risk time for break-ins around the country, putting home security high on the agenda in the lead up to the holiday season.

Jewellery is the most commonly stolen item from Australian homes, closely followed by laptops, Apple equipment and bicycles.

Youi Insurance chief executive officer Frank Costigan said he recommended home owners take a few affordable security measures this holiday season.

“The most common entry point for thieves is an external door such as the front or back door yet many householders often leave doors open and unlocked, many also fail to lock deadlocks and windows are not always locked when they should be,” he said.

“Consider installing motion activated external lighting, a home alarm or home security camera system as these identifiable measures often deter thieves.”  

There are a few extra measures every home owner can take this Christmas to try and protect precious belongings and gifts for loved ones.

Christmas home security tips

1. Remember the basics, it’s no good installing locks and then not using them.

2. Make sure everyone in your home is equally security conscious. Have a routine that everyone follows to check door and window locks when the house is left unoccupied.

3. Don’t assume balcony doors or high windows are safe to leave unlocked, thieves are good at finding ways to overcome these obstacles.

4. Store easy-to-carry, expensive items such as laptops and jewellery away and out of sight so thieves can’t see them and consider installing a safe.

5. Don’t leave doors or windows wide open for long periods even while you’re at home.

6. Don’t leave car keys and wallets beside open windows or doors, car keys are being targeted by thieves.

7. Engage deadlocks when you leave the house so that thieves cannot carry items out through your main doors.

8. If you can’t arrange for someone to collect your mail when you’re on holiday, ask the post office to hold it until you return. Also, attach a ‘no advertising material’ sign to your letterbox so it doesn’t overflow.

9. Consider installing motion activated external lights, home alarm and security camera systems that will deter thieves.

10. Tell your neighbours if your home is broken into then they can remember to be extra careful and alert to report any suspicious activity to police.

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