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Top tips to keep your business safe over the festive period.

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By bristol247, Tuesday Dec 5, 2017

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The festive season is not just the busiest time of the year for Santa and his reindeer, but also for thieves. On average, Bristol experienced over four hundred burglaries each month this year. Local firm Brunel Security offer some top tips to keep your business safe over the festive period.

1. If you have an Intruder alarm installed, make sure you have it tested before the Christmas break. Seven out of ten homes and businesses do not regularly test and check the systems that they have installed.

2. If you have access control in your business then check who has access over the Christmas period so that you can limit access. This will mitigate internal threats to your business.

3. This time of year is a good time to check your CCTV footage at night. Replay some footage so that you can check the quality of your recording.

4. Check when your fire alarm was last serviced. It would also be worth checking if it is monitored to notify you if there is a fire on your premises. We would recommend having fire brigade response activated over the Christmas break.

5. Expensive presents on show under the office tree are an invitation for burglars, so try keeping presents out of sight. Also, don’t leave any gift packaging outside your building, advertising any new and expensive items.

6. This is a good time to check how many users can switch the intruder alarm system on and off. You may want to limit access over the Christmas break. We would also recommend having police response to your premises setup on your system.

7. Be Mindful about what you post on social media Don’t make it obvious that you are away over Christmas by posting pictures of your winter getaway.

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Brunel Security are based in Portishead and can provide a free security audit of your home or business over the festive season. They can assist with everything from access control, CCTV installation, fire alarms and much more.

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